Our patent-pending CO₂ system uses thermal storage tanks – to continually provide chilled water for cooling , hot water for heating and unlimited domestic hot water.


Our system is affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly.


And all those other expensive, inefficient and environmentally-unfriendly HVAC systems. The Tertia³ Hydrothermic System is a whole new way to cool your world – and heat it too!

The Tertia³ Hydrothermic System uses three thermal storage tanks – to continually provide chilled water for cooling, hot water for heating and unlimited domestic hot water which in turn produces a perfect indoor environment. The system uses inexpensive and environmentally friendly compressed CO₂ in a closed circuit – producing amazing results at incredibly low cost. This patent-pending system, the brainchild of Dr Matthew Ginalick, is set to revolutionize the way we heat and cool our world. To learn more about the technical details, please click here

The applications for the Tertia³ Hydrothermic System are literally endless. Anywhere you have electricity (including solar and other renewable sources) you can operate this system. Residential homes and commercial businesses to remote or disaster-struck areas, this self-contained system will provide all the conditioned water and perfect indoor environment you’ll ever need. In developing regions of the world, the system can be set up quickly and affordably.

As we continue to develop the Tertia³ Hydrothermic System we are actively looking for dealers and manufacturers to partner with. We are especially interested in speaking with HVAC and Geothermal contractors. If you see the amazing potential this system is set to unleash, and want to be a part of our global team, then please Contact Us today.


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