How It Works

Tertia³ Systems, Inc. provides an ecologically friendly and innovatively engineered HVAC product to enhance living and work spaces with heating, cooling, and hot water production while dramatically reducing utility costs, power usage and greenhouse emissions.  The system has no outdoor components normally associated with traditional heating and cooling equipment as it is a self-contained system comprised of three thermal water storage tanks, compressor cabinet, and control cabinet.  Each system component is patent-pending (water storage tanks, compressor cabinet, and control cabinet).  Pure water containing no additives is used for its thermal storage capability; water storing four times as much thermal energy as air.  Of note, a Tertia³ system is scalable to all sizes of residential homes to large commercial structures.  To further enhance energy efficiency the system can be incorporated with solar panels.

The integral component of the system is a trans-critical carbon dioxide compressor.  The patent-pending technology of refrigerant-to-water thermal exchange produces water temperatures ranging from 33 degrees F and 200+ degrees F.  Being non-toxic, carbon dioxide is readily available from gas product suppliers and is easy to transport and handle.  Carbon dioxide is used commercially in refrigeration; dry ice being the frozen form.  The gas is normally recovered as a by-product of other processes such as the production of ethanol by fermentation and as a by-product of the formulation of ammonia.  (Reference:  Prof. Shakhashiri, University of Wisconsin, February 2008,

A Tertia³ system meets needs of homeowners, agricultural entities, commercial and industrial settings as well as the unique areas of civic, military, and disaster relief applications.  The potential for exceeding operational characteristics of standard heating and cooling systems is significant.